piramidkin (piramidkin) wrote,

Matt Elliott

Как страшно-грустно забивают гвозди в крышку гроба...

It must be what now 13 days? But I can’t shake or forget this twist of cruel fate You threw yourself into the fray With no single thought of the end You fell once again So this is permanent this change It’s far too late to contemplate beginning again This transience is how it’s played Once lost is away all your days, my friend are numbered Oh come on silence whisper my name Give me the answers that I crave Is it so cold? we just grow old and slowly crumble The light reflects the wall of this cave They dance the flame illuminates But our hands are bound we can’t turn round to face the embers Do these cells hold all that I am & once they decay like you I’ll fade into the darkness Oh come on silence whisper my name Explain the rules of the game Oh come on silence talk to me My feet are bleeding to the bone They’re cracked & worn The skin is torn from such a long road But there’s still a long way to go The sun beats down My furrowed brow’s about to burn now The endless questions still remain Did I live before & will I then live on once again? Or are we plucked out from the void & placed in this frame made of bones, blood & braincells & so we’re thrown back in the void Eternity in the dark is such a long time Either path is lined with darkness The crushing pain/the endless void Repeat the same painful mistakes or Slowly rot into the soil Oh darkness please whisper my name Whisper the rules of this here game
Tags: Мой разговор с церковной стеной, Стихи и рифмы, Уроки танцев, Я растерян...
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