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Моя любимая мной написанная картина. Та, которая чуть не свела меня с ума. Неоконченная из-за невозможности закончить. Как убитая тобой любимая женщина. (Труп которой хранится в шкафу).


This is a painting about our boundless world, the unlimited life, about universal intercommunication and interdependence.

I started with etalon piece. You can see them at the top of the second column. It consist on the word “Mongolia’ and the sign “Sojombo’ above the word – the symbol of freedom from the national flag of Mongolia. (I could have used any thing I can depict in a 2D – it does not matter…Most important to have a name of depicted thing)

I took the word ‘Mongolia’, changed it, and observed how to change the sign “Sojombo’.

I permuted the letters in the word ‘Mongolia’, but the changed word has the same meaning, ’Mongolia’. I substituted the letters for objects and colored spots; I made the letters smaller or bigger; I saw in dancing the word ‘Mongolia’ and fit it into other objects. And I always watched how the change affected the sign ‘Sojombo’.

I also appear in the role of scientist. I divided all changes into 6 columns:

1. Codify the word ’Mongolia’
2. 2. Change and permute letters
3. 3. decrease and increase
4. 4. Substitute letters for non-letters
5. 5. Double and plural signification of the word ‘Mongolia’
6. “Mongolia-Action’-presence of the word ‘Mongolia’ everywhere

(It is understandable that these designations are just conditional.)

This picture looks like Mendeleyev table of the elements, but my table is
boundless, in contrast to Mendeleyev’s. We can find everything in this painting:
things, words, even feelings. I think that all artists have been doing this universal
picture. The name of this picture- ‘‘Mongolia’
Tags: Про всяческие художества
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